United Against Racism

The events of the past month have shown that the there is an enormous racial divide in America and around the world. As Seventh-day Adventist, we condemn racism in all forms that put one group of people above another based on the color of their skin. The acts of violence and prejudice against our black brothers and sisters are evidence of a long-standing history of racial injustice in America both personal and systemic. Those who have the love of God in their heart will grieve over any racial division.
Every race on earth has been created in the image of God and we are commanded to love and respect every person. We call upon all people to reveal the love of God in their lives by first examining their own hearts to see if there are assumptions or attitudes that reveal a hidden bias that need to be repented of. We are blessed to be part of the most diverse denomination in the world. We strive to be inclusive, but inclusivity is not enough. We also call upon people to speak out against injustice and stand up against oppression. For the hidden, unseen, and subtle acts of oppression, we strive to listen, empathize, and stand by our brothers and sisters in our fight for equality. We believe it is our responsibility to do what is in our power to stop these things from happening. We must lead by example to ensure that all people are treated fairly and equally.

Let us turn our attention to the actions of Christ and how He loved those who were hurting and oppressed. He did not adhere to the unjust social norms and  hierarchies of his day, but instead provided a clear example of how to truly love our neighbor as ourselves. 

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